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130 Hours

There are 168 hours in a week.

Each week I work 38 hours in my job. That leaves me with 130 hours to play with. That’s a hell of a lot of play time.

I created a bunch of different desktop backgrounds to remind you of these precious hours. I used the epic tool Canva to make these, feel free to download & use them. Or to make your own.

130 Hours Background Image

130 Hours Background Image

130 Hours Background Image

130 Hours Background Image

I enjoy mucking around with the calculations to output the greatest amount of free time. For instance, I average 6 hrs 15 minutes (6.25 hrs) of sleep a night. That takes 43 hours and 45 minutes out of my play time. Let’s round that up for 44 hours (15 minute sleep in on Sunday maybe? ) and I have 86 hours left over.

86 hours! That’s enough time to write 86 blog posts. Or run 17 marathons (at my 5 hr 56 minute pace). That’s a lot of time.

But let’s take into account the time I spend driving (1.5 hrs a day), preparing and eating food (1.5 hrs a day) and cleaning myself and my house (1.5 hrs a day) that’s another 31 and a half hours gone from my equation.

54 hours.

54 hours once we take out the mandatory and the financial stability.

54 hours to spend with friends or family. 54 hours to create a new business or watch an entire series on Netflix. 54 hours to write a blog or a book or a screen play. 54 hours to learn a new skill or hone an old one.

How do you spend your 168 hours?