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20 Minutes Before Bed

20 minutes. That’s all it takes to win the day. But you need the foresight to do it the night before.

I take 20 minutes before bed & set myself up for tomorrow. In 20 minutes I can:

  • Do a quick tidy up of the kitchen so that it’s prepped and ready for breakfast tomorrow.
  • Pack lunch. Done. Dusted. Just grab the bag and go.
  • Set out everything I need for my breakfast smoothie.
  • Choose and layout my clothes so that a sleepy Stef doesn’t have to figure it out in the morning.
  • Review tomorrow’s schedule so I know exactly what’s coming up.

20 minutes is all it takes to make life easier for your less sophisticated, ultra sleep deprived, morning self. My morning can now run smoothly and kick off the perfect start to an awesome day.

You’re welcome future Stef.