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Lessons from a Clean Phone

I have recently deleted all of the Social Media apps from my phone. This is what I learned.

  1. Social situations can be awkward.
  2. A lot of social media interactions can be safely ignored.
  3. Your mum can and will ask you whether you saw her Facebook status.
  4. Setting aside or scheduling time for social media allows for more thoughtful posts and interactions.

How to Survive

Keep notes about the things you want to post about. Things like:

  • Articles.
  • Thoughts.
  • Quotes.

You can use tools like:

  • Pocket
  • Evernote
  • Google docs.
  • Buffer.

Phones can become a useful myriad of tools.

More than ever my phone has been a tool for researching, writing, creating and consciously consuming.

I have found myself using my phone for consuming a whole range of content:

  • Podcast.
  • Audio books.
  • Reading kindle books.
  • Watching movies and TV shows.

Before wiping my phone of all social media apps I would spend the majority of my time consuming a never-ending stream of updates. Now I find myself powering through books that I have wanted to read for a while, writing more than ever and generating constructing content.

I love it.