One Single Focus

We benefit from having a single focus. One driving factor.

Most goals, if they are big enough, will have far reaching effect. For instance, if my one single focus for 2017 is to complete a marathon. This will have the flow-on effects of:

  • Getting fit via my training regime.
  • Getting up earlier to run (the only way to include the training into my life).
  • Going to bed earlier so that I can meet my target recovery.
  • Eating healthier so that I have the right fuel to train this hard.
  • Consuming more books by listening to Audible whilst I run.

All of these flow on effects could be individuals goals that I set myself and get overwhelmed with OR I could just push myself 100% into a single goal and allow the flow on effects to happen.

The hardest thing is finding the one thing that I want to focus on.

Making $100,000 this year? Buying a house? Getting debt free? Running a marathon?

Header photo by Joshua Sortino on Unsplash