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One Week For You

Imagine having one full week a month dedicated to self-development, passion projects and solving those big, hairy (but non-urgent) problems?

Reminiscent of the famous 20% rule at Google where they foster innovation by allowing employees to dedicate up to 1 day a week on new ideas that would benefit the company; only, it’s not for the direct benefit of your employer.

Think about having an entire week each month where you were free to write that book, take that course, start that business, make those videos or start that organisation.

Let me show you the simple step-by-step method I used to get an entire work week each month for myself (without pissing my boss off):

  1. Get up at 4 am.
  2. Work until 6 am.
  3. Enjoy an extra 40+ hours each month doing WHATEVER YOU WANT.

You can’t achieve extraordinary things without being willing to do the extra.

Things I have learnt from getting up at 4am every day:

I have been doing this for the last month and I feel like I have stumbled onto a super power. These are the main things I’ve learnt:

  • It makes 7 am feel like a luxurious sleep in.
  • People will do one of three things when they found out you woke up at 4 am:

    • Curious. Like practically yelling “WHY”.
    • Feel personally attacked & start to justify their sleeping habits.
    • Become very worried about your physical & mental health.
  • I sleep better.
  • My mind is clearer.
  • I feel less of a crippling and crushing anxiety about letting my life slip by.
  • I am more relaxed.
  • I have time for myself.
  • I am a better mum because I have been awake (and kicking goals) for a couple of hours before my son (2 year old) wakes up.