Keeping Busy

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by.

Here are a few rad things that I am working on at the moment:

Ivy and Joe Hair Studio. This is an awesome hair studio in Bendigo Victoria that I opened along with my wife.

Doomsday Tuna (because regular Tuna can’t make websites). I opened this Web development company with my best friend and we are working on some pretty rad projects and with some fun businesses.

Clear Dynamics. As the Engineering Manager at CD I work with my team to deliver cloud based enterprise software. It’s a quick paced team with HQ based in the most amazing office space in Bendigo. Reach out if you want to know more.

Here are some other peeps that I’m working with:

Bendigo Software Development Meetup. This is a group of software and web development professionals from around the Central Victorian region. We are passionate about technology and discuss topics ranging from practical discussions about startup ideas, techniques and business proposals.

Side Note: If you’re interested in presenting or talking at the Bendigo Software Development Meetup please contact me via Twitter or LinkedIn.

Want to keep up to date with the latest projects, happenings and parties? Reach out to me on Twitter.