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Perfect is the Opposite of Done

Hi. My name is Stef and I am a procrastinator.

I will put off doing a task for an embarrassingly long time because I want it to be done perfectly.

This is me acknowledging I have a problem.

Get out of draft mode

I am comfortable when creating drafts. I will happily write them all day. Just check out my exhaustive list of drafts for this blog:

Draft Mode

The first step in overcoming my problem is to hit publish on some of those drafts. Currently I am robbing the world of any opportunity to read my writing. And in return I am robbing myself of any chance for feedback. Which brings me to my next point:

Iterate and Improve

This perfectionist procrastination doesn’t give me the opportunity to iterate and build on the first version of anything. It doesn’t give me a chance to improve.

From now on I will only allow myself a small amount of private iteration. I will draft. I will review. I will publish.

Then I will allow the project to percolate. I will graciously accept feedback (well i’ll try). I will revisit builds and make them better based on my audience response.

Get into the habit of shipping

Once you’re in the habit of shipping products, publishing posts or any other word for getting your work out there. The fear goes away.


First iteration should be a skateboard, not a car wheel.

Image from the Minimal Viable Product by John Hunter (Great Article - Definite must read)

What now?

Look out for some more consistent and semi-awesome posts from me. Published quickly. Iterated strongly.