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Reading More

I want to read more. I’m sure you do too. You probably won’t find someone who would say “I read just the right amount”.

When it comes to reading there are two distinct camps:

  1. Those who don’t read. Emphatically so.
  2. Those who want to read more.

As you are reading this blog i’m going to assume that you are in the second camp.

Why read more?

There are two main motivations for reading:

  • Reading for leisure.
  • Reading to learn.

Your “end goal” will determine not only what you are reading but also how you read it. If you’re reading to gain knowledge or skills you will need to read widely on a subject and deeply within the content. However, if you’re reading for leisure you can pick up and graze through a novel or story as you desire.

Carve out the time

The average reading speed of a literate adult in the western world is around 200 words per minute whilst the average novel is around 80,000 words. This means a book will take around seven hours to read cover to cover.

This doesn’t mean that you need to call in sick to work and carve out seven hours straight to complete that book. It does mean that you need to dedicate some time to reading though.

If you spend just 30 minutes reading before bed you will end up reading 26 new books a year.

(You could get through all of Goodreads Choice Awards - Best of 2015 with that kind of reading power).

Get the right tools

Every minute you spend on your phone can be spent reading.

Not only that; you have the entire collection of all the worlds libraries in your pocket.

There has never been a more convenient time to be well read. Obtaining books happens at the click of a button. You no longer have to cart around several books if you can’t decide what to read next. YOU HAVE YOUR LIBRARY IN YOUR POCKET!

*Experiment: Move your Kindle Reading App to where your Facebook app normally lives.*

Have you tried listening to audiobooks?

I have recently started (and are now addicted) to listen to audiobooks via Audible. I’m seriously amazed.

By listening to a story instead of the radio I have been able to get through (extra!) three novels in the past two months. I also love it when the Author gets on board to read the story - it gives an extra insight into how they imagined the characters coming to life.

Read faster

The secret to you reading more may come from upping your reading speed.

According to international Best Seller Tim Ferris you can increase your average reading speed and accelerate your learning in just 20 minutes.

You can even test your current reading speed and comprehension here.

In the end it doesn’t matter what you’re reading, what device you’re reading it on or what speed you read at.

The most important thing is that you read.