Small business according to Stef

There are few things in life that I am truly passionate about. Above all, it drills down to running a successful Small Business.

Not small in the way that it is destined to be tiny and always live as a hobby but small as in every person should have an enterprise under their belt.

When my friends talk to me about their passions I always encourage them to think about turning it into a business. Whenever someone complains about their job or the lack of job security available at the moment I ask them whether they have thought about starting up something themselves.

In today's age business isn't reserved only for those who spent 4 years at university and wear a suit to a high-end job. Most of the businesses today are small start-ups.

With that being said there are a few things that every business needs:

  • An understanding of their target market.
  • A product or service that their target audience wants or needs.
  • A website that is mobile friendly.
  • A blog where they can share helpful content with their audience.
  • An email list where they can contact their current and potential customers.
  • A basic understanding of their accounts.
  • Some goals and planning for what they want their business to achieve.

If you can implement your planning on these 7 basic elements well then you will have a successful business on your hands.

Header photo by Ben White on Unsplash